My HOW TO be Successful on Social Media

Up until now with the launch of my website; Facebook and Instrgram have been my one and only way I have advertised, marketed and promoted my mobile soft serve ice cream business.  And HOLY COW! It still continues to blow my mind how powerful of a tool social media really is.  Think about it.. these two FREE apps have enabled me to start a business that otherwise may not have existed.   Social media has allowed me to connect with my local customers on a whole different level, it has provided me an opportunity to share different sides of myself.  My customers get to know me and and I get to know them.  My business is what it is today because of social media and all of the people behind the screens, for this, I am tremulously grateful.  

But here’s the thing… The ONLY reason its working is because I’m fully ME on these social media apps.  No matter how uncomfortable or unpopular it may be at times, the way I portray myself online is parallel to the way I am in real life.  Fully, me. Beautifully flawed, real and authenic.  In all areas of my life not just on social media and business but as a mom, and wife too. 

I’m not perfect and don’t have “it all” figured out but I do have the wise advice from my Grandpa Robbin’s,  “Always leave something better than you found it”  

That’s it, my social media HOW TO GUIDE for Bowl of Cream!

1. Be me and stand in my truth. Always.  

2. Leave each person that joins this bold journey with me a little better than before we found each other.